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Phone: 1-727-460-4858

Selling Your Physician Practice

Physician medical practices are the frontline for physicians to deliver healthcare to patients in an outpatient setting. For primary care physicians and specialists, their medical practices often serve as the focal point of their healthcare business.

With the increasing healthcare regulatory burden along with long-standing reimbursement cuts facing physicians, many hospital systems, insurers, management companies and private equity funds have increased the volume of physician medical group acquisitions in recent years.

At Seigel Advisory Services, we provide large medical practice owners access to the broadest range of strategic and financial buyers throughout the United States. Our experience in this industry allows our advisors to guide owners through the sales process to obtain top-dollar for their large medical practices.

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At Seigel Advisory Services, we assist owners in the sale of their physician practices, some of which include:

Dental Practices Dermatology Practices Ophthalmology Practices Large Medical Practices Urology Practices Gastroenterology Practices Emergency Medicine Practices

Selling a Healthcare Business An Owners Guide for Selecting an Intermediary to Sell Your Healthcare Business

By Gregory Seigel, J.D., LL.M.

If you are researching how to sell your healthcare business or medical practice, then this guide can help.

Some of the topics in this guide include:

  • Knowledge of the Healthcare Industry
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Expertise
  • Medical Real Estate Expertise
  • The Integration of Succession Planning
  • How to Sell a Medical Practice
  • Learn about Selling your Healthcare Business