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Selling Your Dermatology Practice & Med Spas

If you are researching how to sell your dermatology practice & med spas, then this guide can help.

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About the Guide:

Selling a Healthcare Business An Owners Guide for Selecting an Intermediary to Sell Your Healthcare Business

By Gregory Seigel, J.D., LL.M.

If you are researching how to sell your healthcare business or medical practice, then this guide can help.

Some of the topics in this guide include:

  • Knowledge of the Healthcare Industry
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Expertise
  • Medical Real Estate Expertise
  • The Integration of Succession Planning
  • How to Sell a Medical Practice
  • Learn about Selling your Healthcare Business


Selling Your Medical Real Estate

Medical real estate is a heavily sought after sector within commercial real estate. For real estate investors, there is a strong belief that an aging US population will require more healthcare services, leading to a demand for quality medical real estate.

Freestanding medical office buildings such as outpatient facilities and senior care facilities are especially attractive to buyers. The businesses that operate inside of these buildings tend to be stable and profitable tenants, two features that real estate investors desire.

In today’s low-interest environment, investors are looking for places to find higher returns on their investments, which has attracted many REITs, private investors, and real estate private equity firms to aggressively add medical real estate to their portfolios. In turn, the higher demand for medical real estate has significantly increased the value of these medical properties.

At Seigel Advisory Services, we provide owners of medical real estate access to a broad range of buyers throughout the United States. Our experience in the commercial real estate industry allows our advisors to guide owners through sales process to help to obtain top-dollar for their medical real estate.


About Dermatology Practices & Med Spas

Dermatology practices provide a broad range of care to patients, including medical dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, and medical spa treatments. Specialties within a dermatology practice include pediatric, surgical, and medical dermatology, amongst many other subspecialties.

Dermatology has been one of the most actively sought healthcare specialties for consolidation by many private equity firms and other consolidators for over a decade. Many investors see the combination of medical dermatology generating consistently steady revenues along with the elective services from cosmetic dermatology as desirable for creating economies of scale within dermatology. In addition, many standalone medical spas have become attractive to investors as an industry that is not dependent on insurers (cash-only) and is one of the largest growing verticals within healthcare.

At Seigel Advisory Services, we provide dermatology practices and med spa owners access to the broadest range of strategic and financial buyers throughout the United States. Our experience in this industry allows our advisors to guide owners through the sales process to obtain top-dollar for their dermatology practices, while finding a partner with an ideal cultural fit.