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Gregory Seigel's Presentation at the 2017 American Health Lawyers Transaction ConferenceMay 21, 2017

Gregory Seigel recently gave a presentation at the 2017 American Health Lawyers Transaction Conference in Nashville. The conference was attended by the top healthcare attorneys, accountants, valuation consultants, and investment bankers throughout the United States.

Mr. Seigel's presentation discussed and analyzed the role of the investment banker in a healthcare transaction. Topics included:

  • An Investment Banking Overview
  • The Key Figures in Healthcare M&A Transactions
  • Pre-Planning Before the Transaction
  • Selecting an Intermediary
  • The Role of the Investment Banker
  • Due Diligence Consideration

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About the Guide:

Selling a Healthcare Business An Owners Guide for Selecting an Intermediary to Sell Your Healthcare Business

By Gregory Seigel, J.D., LL.M.

If you are researching how to sell your healthcare business or medical practice, then this guide can help.

Some of the topics in this guide include:

  • Knowledge of the Healthcare Industry
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Expertise
  • Medical Real Estate Expertise
  • The Integration of Succession Planning
  • How to Sell a Medical Practice
  • Learn about Selling your Healthcare Business