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Review of Educational Call: The Ins And Outs Of Buying And Selling Health Care Real EstateJuly 21, 2016

Gregory Seigel, JD, LLM, CEO of Seigel Advisory Services, discusses the risks associated with leaving retirement and succession planning to the last minute.

Mr. Seigel discussed on a variety of factors as to why medical real estate is attractive to investors in today's economic environment, such as:

  • The current low interest rate environment
  • The large pool of investors, including REITs, hospital systems, and private equity real estate funds
  • The greater access to capital from investors
  • The trend of decreasing inpatient care and increasing outpatient care
  • The easing of lease length and personal guarantee requirements

In addition, Mr. Seigel described the various reasons why healthcare providers should consider selling their medical real estate in today's economic environment, such as:

  • The current asset price of medical real estate
  • The favorable tax treatment of medical real estate sales proceeds as long-term capital gains
  • The ability to use the sale of medical real estate to increase the value of the underlying medical business
  • The potential opportunity to provide a liquidity event for an illiquid asset
  • The opportunity for physician's to diversify their net worth
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