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How to Sell your Dialysis CenterJanuary 3, 2019

Dialysis centers are outpatient facilities where nephrologists perform hemodialysis on their patients, which removes fluid and waste products from the blood to improve kidney function. The objective of dialysis treatment is to help patients suffering from End Stage Renal Disease.

The dialysis marketplace is dominated by two large publicly traded companies, which have faced an increase in competition for quality dialysis centers from a select number of private equity firms. At Seigel Advisory Services, we provide dialysis center owners access to the broadest range of strategic and financial buyers of dialysis centers throughout the United States. Our experience in the dialysis industry allows our advisors to guide owners through the sales process to obtain top-dollar for their dialysis center.

Seigel Advisory Services has put together a useful guide to selling your Dialysis Center or healthcare business.

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